What Others Say

Here’s what others have to say about me:

“For several years, I’ve watched John Hartmann interact with chess students at chess camps and tournaments. He relates to the problems of the developing player in a way that few professional coaches do, emphasizing essential skills and mental habits that will serve them in the long run, regardless of their level. The Chess Steps method is an established process that has succeeded with very talented players worldwide, so it’s encouraging to see it used in the United States. John assigns appropriate work for students, and insists that they take an active role in the learning process. At the same time, he maintains a fun and relaxed atmosphere, which is important since students are more motivated when chess is enjoyable. I can wholeheartedly recommend John as a coach and teacher who can teach you how to think about chess and take you to the next level of play.” – International Master and noted author John Watson

“John Hartmann is an exceptional coach. His opening preparation is second to none, and his method of vision improvement is exemplary. He is the main reason why I went from 1200 to 1800.” – Abhinav Suresh, 2014 NE State HS Champion

“John has been teaching our son Neil (age 7 – JH) for almost a year now and the planning that John puts in to his class is amazing.  His coaching style has helped Neil keep his focus for the entire duration of the session. We are very happy with how Neil has progressed under John’s guidance.” – Deepika K.


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