Lessons are available for individuals or small groups. Rates will vary depending on travel time and number of students being taught.

I work with students on both a short-term and a long-term basis, and I teach group lessons / classes as well.

Short-term: Perhaps there is an important tournament coming up, or you just want to check in on your child’s progress. Lessons are tailored to the wants and needs of a student and his or her guardians.  I draw from what I understand to be best practices in chess education and craft each lesson to maximize understanding and improvement. We may focus on openings, tactics, strategy or endgames, and we will analyze your child’s previous games to learn where she might improve.  Homework is always assigned.

Long-term: Chess improvement does not happen overnight. Even the best players in the world are constantly learning and striving to better their game. (Grandmaster Kaidanov: “I’ve been studying chess for more than 40 years now, and still after every 2-3 months I can see changes in my play.”) In a long-term teaching situation, I de-prioritize immediate results and work to inculcate deep understanding and love for the game in my pupils. While I am conversant with multiple teaching frameworks, I prefer to use the Dutch Stappenmethode – see my Teaching Philosophy for why this is the case – to maximize long-term results.

Group lessons / classes: I am beginning to do group lessons around Omaha. The content and level of each class will vary, but you should be able to get a fairly clear idea of what each class will involve from the flyer or promotional material. You can, as always, contact me with questions about specific events.